What They Forgot To Mention…

As soon as something is declared healthy and good for you, it’s almost like a group of people instantly set out to prove it wrong and find some way to discredit the claim, even if that means with no hard evidence or facts to back up their argument.

Recent stories circulating the media suggests that raw treats, in particular, the ingredients used in raw treats (like dates, and nuts), should somehow be compared the same as eating table sugar, or a processed, refined-sugar chocolate bar.

These accusations usually spring up from well-known celebrities and so called "health gurus", some of them preaching clean living, but ambassadors to synthetically made multivitamin companies… So who do we listen to?

Well, Instead of just giving our own (biased) opinion to our followers, we have our own in-house nutritionist Caitlin Rooney, who has come on-board to not only monitor our treats to make sure they continue to have the best and most nutritious ingredients possible, but also to provide our followers with some un-biased and CREDIBLE facts about the truth of raw treats and whether they are as bad as some of these "health guru’s" say they are...

"Whilst on some level I can understand and even appreciate what some of these authors have written, these types of opinions only creates more misunderstanding and food-related fear in those attempting to live a healthy way of life." Says Caitlin Rooney.

"Comparing dates, a sweet treat provided by nature in its perfect form, to table sugar is perplexing and only fuels the whole "calorie counting" obsession that any decent clinical nutritionist is generally opposed to.

The number of calories in food has its place in some circumstances of-course, but not when it comes to maintaining health and wellness overall. Instead of fixating on a number, the actual ingredients within the food you are eating is far more important and worth focusing your energy on, she says."


"These Micronutrients Are Highly Unlikely To Be Found In A Processed, High Refined Sugar Product."

"A Nutri Hitt slice contains high levels of protein, good quality fats and fibre. These macro nutrients are crucial to help boost and support energy levels, increase the functioning of all cells and assist with homeostasis and nutritional biochemistry within the body.

On top of all this, just one slice contains levels of vitamin A, vitamin B’s, vitamin C and E, calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium and zinc – just to name a few."

Now one of the big talking points is dates.

"Yes… Dates are high in fructose. And yes… they have a high glycemic index (GI). BUT in actual fact, they are a fantastic source of antioxidants and fibre, and trace elements such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and selenium, and vitamin C, B6 and B33. 

These therapeutic qualities far outweigh the glycemic index and level of fructose. Now, that isn’t to say that you should go and blend 25 of these in order to absorb these nutrients. Nevertheless, to consume a healthy treat that has been sweetened naturally with dates rather than artificial or refined sugar means that you will be providing your body with love, nourishment and a healthy natural energy. At the end of the day, this is what eating and health should be about. 

In-case you still aren’t convinced, you should know that research has also showed that increasing dietary fibre (including nuts, seeds and fruit) has been recognised as an effective strategy to reduce dramatic insulin response, and hyperglycaemia (an excess of glucose in the blood stream).  This is because fibre can decease the absorption of glucose within the small intestine, and slows down the gastric 

"As long as you’re eating whole natural foods, you won’t get the sugar spike you get when consuming processed refined sugar chocolate bars."


emptying process. In other words... as long as you’re eating whole natural foods, you won’t get the sugar-spike you get when consuming processed refined sugar chocolate bars.”

"The research also indicated that eating a combination of dietary fibre and fructose may have a positive impact on appetite regulation. We have found this the case when a Nutri Hitt slice is consumed.

Even popular celebrity chef Jamie Oliver recommends dates as one of the top-10 super foods you should be eating..."

Now over-indulging in raw food treats would lead to the same outcomes as over-indulgence in anything else.
Like everything, raw treats are ideally consumed in moderation, but we can guarantee you that Nutri Hitt raw treats are ONLY produced with the best quality raw ingredients and with professional nutritional advice.

What do you think, are raw treats OK in moderation…?

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