Cupcake Basics Workshop - GF DF RSF VEGAN

Cupcake Basics Workshop - GF DF RSF VEGAN

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Want to master your cupcake skills? Unsure how to bake GF? Want to learn how to make your baking free from sugar and nasty food colouring? well this is the workshop for you!

This is a hands on beginners workshop where you will bake and pipe your very own cupcakes to take home.

In this workshop we will teach you:

-How to bake the perfect GF Vegan Cupcake;

-We share our perfect GF flour blend

-Talk substitutes for sugar and eggs

-We share our RSF DF Buttercream recipe

- Talk natural food colouring

-We teach you 6 differnt piping techniques

This class will finish with time for you to perfect your piping on your take home cupcakes :)

DATE: Sunday 30th June

Time: 3pm - 5.30pm

Address: 3/50 Hudson Road ALBION

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